Welcome to Cowboy Logic

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Welcome to Cowboy Logic.

We have four basic services based on a common theme of Uncommon Sense.

  1. Information Technology Resources - After more than 17 years in the information Technology industry, building and managing super star technical teams, I have learned how to find, excite, motivate and empower great teams. My IT Talent Finder site is a database of built of that talent, and open to you, to populate your technical team with powerful magicians of technology.
  2. 1st Nations Church - To be successful, you need to beleive in yourself. In order to believe in yourself, you mjust believe in a purpose. Spiritual channels based on our relationship with our universe. Our church is the universe, and your life path is your path. No need to change anything if you have a belief system and a reason for being. Talk to us about our marriage service, blessings, counselling and other services that serve deeper needs and based on you. 
  3. Education- We offer Cowboy College, where Uncommon Sense and Transformational Leadership are taught, to overcome the last vestiges of the industrial age where motivation was the threat of losing a job. Talk to us about leadership in the Information Age, and your role in it.
  4. Publishing - Cowboy Logic Press is a small Independent publisher with some critical acclaim. Tell us about your writing goals, and let us show you where we can help.

It costs nothing to find out what we can do for you. After that, it's up to you.

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